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Southwark Playhouse
Sunday 13 February 2022


XPOSED is a new writing night of short plays revealing the naked and entertaining truths about queer life.  Whatever your preference, we invite you to come discover unheard voices within the LGBTQ+ community. Below is our line up for our next XPOSED to tie in with LGBT History Month.

My Shitty But Romantic First Time
by Carly Fernandez (Yvoty)

Directed by Joseph Winer
Liam discovers what it’s like to have sex for the first time…. and all the shit that comes with it.

Christmas Stockings by Paul Stone
Directed by Lara Cosmetatos
All Lizzy wants for Christmas is a mother. Or a moped.

Black Men Smile Too by Reece St Omer
Directed by Myles O'Gorman
Omar just wants to know: What does it mean to be a Black man?

Like A Plant? by Rachael Mailer
Directed by Ellie Cooper
Everyone's always talking about sex, but Laura's just not that bothered.

Open Up by Lee Hodgetts
Directed by Sam Hooper
Jasper tries to help a stranger embrace his sexuality. Bad idea

An Island Off Ireland by Gray Robert Brown
Directed by Cameron Burgess
How did Mo end up stuck on a road trip with his boyfriend's sugar daddy?

Asylum by Sara Sioufi
Directed by Charlotte Everest
An Egyptian woman decides to stop denying her sexuality. The people around her beg to differ.

Greedy by Lynsey Cullen
Directed by AK Golding
A woman in her 30's comes out to her friends. Cue the questions, confusion and confessions!

You can find out more about the plays we have previously staged here.

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