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The Hen & Chickens Theatre

19th & 20th November 2017

Fluid by Nick Maynard

Directed by Shafeeq Shajahan

What happens in a post-gay world when sexuality becomes fluid?

Stars by D.J. Sylvis

Directed by Edwina Strobl

Two universe-crossed lovers are brought closer by the stars that surround them both.

The Scene by Angus Fisher

Directed by Chris Davis

A tale about what happens when you mix love, sex and alcohol.

One Night Fran by Adam Szudrich

Directed by Sepy Baghaei

Three women go on separate dates with Fran, but see things in very different ways.

Something About Billy by Mark Daniels

Directed by Jake Leonard

A comedy about coming out to a traditional, working-class family.

Gold Star by Roisin Moriarty

Directed by Will Maynard

To some, squishy bits are irrelevant. To others, they're all that matter.

The Temp by David Hendon

Directed by Sam Luffman

A weekend away offers Russell the chance to confront who he really is.

Pray Your Wings Will Carry You by Oakley Flanagan

Directed by Alex Prescot

An examination of the roles we play in sex and love.

Southwark Playhouse

11th February 2018

Tapestry by Fergus Church

Directed by Yojiro Ichikawa Hassall

Owen has accepted his sexuality, but still feels a hundred eyes on him.

In Need by Ben SantaMaria

Directed by Kennedy Bloomer

Anything can happen when you let a stranger in late at night.

Two Extra Letters by Hannah Sowerby

Directed by Sam Luffman

Join Chris(sy) on her journey towards sex reassignment surgery.

We Have To Tell Jacob by George Smart

Directed by Tom Ward

A reverse coming out story.

Here and Now by Tanaka Mhishi

Directed by Law Ballard

A bi girl talks about love and bugs, with a little help from her exes.

The Trip by Joe West

Directed by Dadiow Lin

Father-son bonding shouldn’t be this difficult.

Slow Dating by Adam Szudrich

Directed by Eleanor Felton

An elderly lady tries speed dating leading to a heart-breaking decision.

As If We Just Held Hands by Ian Townsend

Directed by Chris Davis

Teenager Kim meets her first ‘someone special’ at Pride.

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Southwark Playhouse

4th November 2018

The Gay Agenda by Freya Jackson 

Directed by Paul Anthoney

Three representatives come together to create the agenda for the future.


Romeo and Jules by Ron Burch

Directed by Timothy Allsop

When Romeo calls on Juliet, "Star-crossed" gets a new meaning.

Oh! You Pretty Things by Rachel Harper

Directed by Alex Howarth

Ryan can’t face life anymore and Amy can’t face life without him.

Skin(ny) by David Hendon

Directed by Sammy Glover

Carl is turning 21, but he's not celebrating. And he's not eating.

How We Love by Annette Brook

Directed by Robbie Taylor Hunt

Babs and Regi hatch a plan to fool the authorities about who they really are.

Family Tree by Colette Cullen 

Directed by Lizzie Fitzpatrick

Rachel and Fiona want a baby. Time to choose a sperm donor!

Virtue by Stella Ajayi

Directed by Brigitte Adela

Aaliyah loves God. And sex. But can she love girls too?

She's Fit, Just Kiss Her by Jessica Revell

Directed by Pollyanna Newcombe

Layla has invited Rosie back to hers. What could go wrong?

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Southwark Playhouse

24th February 2019

Dad by Phil Charles

Directed by Leonie Marzecki

The death of his father propels Kyle to finally come out to his mum…but her reaction isn’t quite what he was expecting.

The Date by Lekha Desai Morrison

Directed by Amie Burns Walker

Priya is looking for a husband, and Meena may just have the perfect match in her son, no matter what the financial or emotional cost.

Half and Half by Georgie West

Directed by Chris Davis

When Rhys and Sam get back after a night out, both of them soon find out that one person’s one night stand can be another person's coming out story.

Drag Baby by Grace Carroll

Directed by Sam Luffman

A drag queen gets a surprise visit from an old friend, who arrives with past grievances and an unusual request.

Boxes by Jamila Barrett

Directed by Manuel Bau

A black, queer, woman, Hunter finds herself at the intersection of love and politics. So many boxes... one night to (un)pack.

Cute by Adam Seers

Directed by Jamie Christian

Unexpectedly dumped, Ed decides to use his heartbreak as an opportunity to reinvent himself, and by reinvention, he means sex. Let’s get the apps open.

B for Bertie, Q for Queenie by Ian Townsend

Directed by Christian Durham

When Queenie and Bertie reunite after years apart, they soon fall into their old ways. Has too much changed or is this a friendship worth fighting for?

Friday Night Queues by Nikki Hill

Directed by Elizabeth Benbow

‘Is she…no – probably not’: the question plaguing queer women everywhere. Two women soon learn dating isn’t easy with high anxiety and a broken gaydar.


Southwark Playhouse

30th June 2019

Converting The Preached To by Niall Urquhart
Directed by Louis Catliff
Gay conversion therapy – it’s a simple concept, right?

The Department of Interpersonal Relations by Ivo de Jager
Directed by Saffia Kavaz
Amber thought she was straight - until the government said otherwise.

Asking For A Friend by Rhys Bevan
Directed by Chris Davis 

They say you don't get to choose your family. Or do you?

Vanilla by James Woodall

Directed by Aran Cherkez 

Coming out doesn’t always mean you fit in.

Threesome by Natasha Ali
Directed by Lucia Cox
19. Female. Bisexual. One night with an older couple should be fun...

Time and a Place by Nikki Hill
Directed by Sam Luffman

If only buying sperm was as easy as buying groceries.

Where's Cecily? by Nicole Latchana
Directed by Sita Thomas
When transitioning means losing the one you love.

Date Night by Thomas Smith

Directed by Ruth Endersby 

Jackie can’t say she’s a lesbian, Dianne can’t shut up about it.

Southwark Playhouse
3rd October 2021

Flop by Phil Charles 
Directed by Chris Davis 

Suffering from impotence, Dave has a visit from the God of Virility. 

Blank Page by Alex Britt 
Directed by Matthew Iliffe

A hilariously honest exploration of whether sexual inexperience hampers connection 

Again and Again and Again by Kate Reid
Directed by Edwina Strobl 

Sadie and Becca meet up before the worst dinner party of their lives. 

Faith by Nikki Hill 
Directed by John Livesey

Getting married was always the plan. Getting married in a church was not. 

Front Seat Passenger by Lydia Higman
Directed by Amelia Rogers

Francis is seventeen, queer, and stuck in the car with Mum. 

Low-functioning Queer by Jamie Hancock 
Directed by Robyn Lexi 

Start. Stop. Rewind. Sasha reviews their latest attempt to date whilst disabled. 

Donal by Frances Eva Lea
Directed by Ed Theakston

Des dares to dream of a life that could've been

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