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Full Disclosure Theatre

in association with Weighed In Productions and Turn of Phrase present


Written and performed by Christopher Adams and Timothy Allsop

Directed by Will Maynard

Produced by Full Disclosure Theatre

VAULT Festival 2019, Waterloo

23 – 27 January

★★★★ 'Honest, heart-warming, leaves you with a fuzzy feeling' 


★★★★ 'A thought-provoking comment on 21st century gay living' 


★★★★ Jack the Lad

★★★★ Please Mind The Blog

★★★★ Ought to Be Clowns

“I’m Chris.

I’m Tim.

We’ve been together nine years.

During that time Chris has slept with 62 people.”


Chris and Tim are married, but like 40 per cent of gay couples, they’re in an open relationship.


Switching between verbatim, storytelling and real-life comedy drama, Chris and Tim invite you under the covers for an intimate exploration of their love, jealousy and desire for one another...and many, many others.


But was it all worth it? Drawing on Grindr chats, private emails, and interviews with current and former lovers, Open is an up-close and personal modern day romance, for anyone curious enough to find out.


Written and performed by Christopher Adams whose most recent play Tumulus won the Origins Award for Outstanding New Work at VAULT 2018, and Timothy Allsop whose performance credits include Detectorists (BBC), Helen (Shakespeare’s Globe) and Therese Raquin (National Theatre). Directed by Will Maynard whose work includes Head-Rot Holiday (Hope Theatre) and Tiger (VAULT Festival 2018).

Full Disclosure Theatre production in association with Weighed In Productions and Turn of Phrase.

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