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‘Full disclosure is a marvel of a company. Young, impassioned and so badly needed, creating theatre that is committed, relevant and gloriously entertaining, while bringing new writers, directors and performers into the spotlight. If I was a reviewer, this would be a five star review, but I'm no reviewer - just one of their many fans.’ 


- Rikki Beadle-Blair, MBE

We are a theatre company committed to exploring LGBTQ+ narratives. Passionate about discovering unheard voices within the community, we lay ourselves bare and are always transparent in the way we work. We make theatre to entertain and arouse discussion for all those associated with queer life and beyond. 

Full Disclosure Theatre are dedicated to uncovering new truths and providing a platform for artists to share, develop and collaborate. Whatever your preference, our door is always open to emerging writers, actors and other creatives eager to stage stories on LGBTQ+ themes.

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